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SEC Filings

NEXEO SOLUTIONS, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 05/10/2018
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Accounts Receivable
Accounts and notes receivable consisted of receivables related to the customers of the acquired business, as well as various other miscellaneous receivables. The accounts receivable and other miscellaneous receivables were recorded at their approximate fair value based on expected collections of the Ultra Chem Group. Accordingly, accounts receivable included an adjustment of $1.5 million to reduce gross receivables to their net value after consideration of expected uncollectable amounts at the Ultra Chem Closing Date.
Inventory consisted primarily of finished products to be distributed to the acquired business’s customers. The fair value of inventory was established through application of the income approach, using estimates of selling prices and costs such as selling and marketing expenses to be incurred in order to dispose of the finished products and arriving at the future profitability expected to be generated once the inventory is sold (net realizable value). The inventory fair value step up of $1.0 million was recognized in Cost of sales and operating expenses during the fiscal year ended September 30, 2017.
Other Current Assets
Other current assets consisted primarily of prepaid expenses and did not have a fair value adjustment as part of acquisition accounting since their carrying value approximated fair value. Other current assets also include indemnification assets recorded in connection with the recognition of tax-related contingent liabilities assumed. The indemnification assets represent the reimbursement the Company would reasonably expect to receive from funds initially held in escrow pursuant to the purchase agreement if the liabilities were asserted by the relevant tax authority.

Property and Equipment
Property and equipment acquired consists primarily of leasehold improvements, computer and office equipment as well as furniture and fixtures. The purchase price allocation for property and equipment was based on the carrying value of such assets as it was determined to approximate fair value.

Customer-Related Intangible
Customer relationships were valued through the application of the income approach. Under this approach, revenue, operating expenses and other costs associated with existing customers were estimated in order to derive cash flows attributable to the existing customer relationships. The resulting estimated cash flows were then discounted to present value to arrive at the fair value of existing customer relationships as of the valuation date. The value associated with customer relationships will be amortized on a straight-line basis over a ten-year period, which represents the approximate point in the projection period in which a majority of the asset’s cash flows are expected to be realized based on assumed attrition rates. The Company recognized $24.0 million for these intangible assets as part of the allocation of the purchase consideration.
Trade Name
The "Ultra Chem" trade name was valued through application of the income approach, involving the estimation of likely future sales and an estimated royalty rate reflective of the rate that a market participant would pay to use the "Ultra Chem" name. The fair value of this asset will be amortized on a straight-line basis over a two-year period, estimated based on the period in which the Company would expect a market participant to use the name prior to rebranding. The Company recognized $0.3 million for this intangible asset as part of the allocation of the purchase consideration.